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Finet Membership Services Fee Please select
Premium Membership
(Snap-shot Quote and Premium Content)
HK$58 / month
Basic Membership
(Delayed Quote and Basic Content)
Teletext Services (Streaming Quote) Fee Please select
Finet Market Express (¡§FME¡¨) HK$418 / month
Finet Market Express (¡§FME¡¨) + Market Depth
HK$493 / month
Finet Information Express (¡§FIE¡¨) HK$388 / month
Finet Information Express (¡§FIE¡¨) + Market Depth
HK$463 / month
Finet Futures Express (¡§FFE¡¨) HK$198 / month
Finet Futures Express (¡§FFE¡¨) + Market Depth HK$273 / month
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I have read the terms and conditions attached hereto and hereby agree that the use of the Service shall be bound by the said terms and conditions.

I hereby agree and authorize Finet Holdings Limited ("Finet") to debit the service fee from my credit card on the subscription date and on payment due dates of subsequent renewals until I cancel the subscription of the Service by sending email notice to Finet.

I understand that I have to pay a full month of service fee regardless of the actual subscription date.

I hereby agree and authorize Finet to debit the relevant service fee for each of subsequent renewals from my credit card until an email termination notice is submitted to Finet on or before the 25 day of the Service expiry month.

I agree to receive marketing materials from Finet.

Enquiry and Service Termination

For enquiry:

(852) 8102-2137
(Monday to Friday 9:00-18:00)

For service termination notice:

Terms and Conditions

I agree with the above terms and conditions.